Bill Austin poet & inventor.

Bill Austin is well known as a poet in the Blackburn area, he was an electrical engineer who fixed televisions and radios. This website is an introduction to Bills poetry and an insight to his inventions, his life has been very interesting with George Formby being one of his many friends.


Bill is writing a book about his life that many people are keen to read, we hope to include extracts on this site, stories such as seeing the Hindenberg over Lancaster when he was a young lad.

As well as extracts from his book we will include poems from his collection (though not his x-files), we are recording his poems for release as a CD in the near future and hope to have recordings that can be listened to on this site.

The CD has been sponsored by Twin Valley Homes without whom we would have had great difficulty getting his work published, we tried various routes to get help but had in the end to find our own way to market, we hope to publish them as a collection of books one day so join our mailing list for updates.

Bills main invention will help many people stay more active whilst making their life safer, it will benefit Housing Associations, Social Services and the NHS. The current climate is an ideal time for Bills invention as it will save many users money year on year.

Bill has also worked with Blackburn inventor Ian Davies to develop a button fastening aid called the Billian™ because Bill had an idea for an aid to help himself and Ian developed it into a device with a new function. The name Billian™ was because Bill started the idea and Ian refined it into a new product, getting the prototypes made only took weeks and the first batch was sold as a promotional gift for an inventor exhibition.